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Want to buy comic books every week? Find it overwhelming to keep up with continuity, and difficult to ensure you don't miss any issues from your runs?

Great news! We can make it easy for you -- AND save you money!

DotCom Comics offers a discount for pull list customers! Our manager, Dan Bailey, will be happy to help you decide which comic books you want to order every week.

Read on for details of this service.

Buy Comic Books the Easy Way With a Pull List!

What is a Pull List?

Simply, we pull the comics you want DIRECTLY from our deliveries of new comics every week.

No more worries about whether your comics will be available on Wednesday! Dan will set them aside for you in a special folder, and you will be able to come in and pick them up anytime.

Going on vacation? Don't miss a single story. We will have your comic books ready for you when you return.

Frequently Asked Questions about Pull Lists

  • How Many Comic Books Can I Add to My Pull List?

As many as you like. We have customers who order just one or two issues per week and others who order dozens of comics!

  • How Long Will You Hold My Comics For Me?

30 days is the maximum we will hold comic books under normal circumstances. If you have a problem, then please don't wait until 30 days passes before you get in touch. Tell us as soon as possible and we'll see what we can figure out for you.

  • Do I Need to Pre-Pay For My Comics?

No. Within reason, we will pre-order your comics for you. As we establish a relationship with our pull list customers and they buy comic books every week, we will allow them to increase their order size. In exceptional circumstances (you are a new customer and want to order a lot of comics right out of the gate), we may ask for a full or partial pre-payment.

  • What Happens if I Don't Collect My Comics?

You will be reminded after 14, 21 and 28 days that your comics are waiting for you. We prefer to figure things out and maintain our relationship with you. If you have a problem then please let us know. But after a maximum of 45 days, your pull list order will be cancelled and we will unfortunately not be able to order for you in the future.

  • Tell Me About the Discounts.

New subscribers to a pull list enjoy 10 percent discount on the total cover price of their new issues! That's like getting every 10th comic book FREE. Pretty sweet!

  • Can I Use My Pull List Discount For Collectibles?

Yes! However we need to ask for a 50 percent deposit (pre-payment) for collectibles.

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