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If you want to sell comics, whether they are vintage, modern, TPB (trade paperbacks), graphic novels, or comic collectibles like statues, pins, calendars etc. then contact DotCom Comics.

We buy 'walk-in' collections for cash!

Please read the instructions below before you submit your list to us.

1) We Don't Buy EVERYTHING...

From 1990s to today, there are limited books we will buy.

Simply, there are so many of these out there (many of them in mint untouched condition) that we have to be very selective. You should not expect too much money for this kind of material.

If your comics are older, then that's usually better news!

2) We Do Buy a LOT of Vintage Comics!

We ALWAYS have fresh stock of comic books coming into the store.

From 1980s TV series material like Masters of the Universe, Transformers and the A-Team to 1960s X-Men, we buy it.

Here is a cheat sheet for what the most valuable comic books are.

  • 10c cover price books: superhero, horror, crime, some romance, very early Disney, Archie
  • 12c cover price books: superhero, some horror, some Archie
  • 15c-35c cover price books: most Marvel and DC superhero, limited other issues
  • 40c and over cover price books: limited

3) How to Sell Comics to DotCom Comics and Collectibles

Use the cheat sheet above to determine how 'good' your collection is.

Make a list. All we need are title and issue #s. Not the month, not Marvel or DC, not the longer code # on most comics. Not the story name, nothing but title and issue #s.


  • Amazing Spider-Man #14, 20, 35, 50, 51, 66-98, 100
  • Batman 357, 368-400, 404

If you have a huge collection, then send us a quick version. Low # first, high # last.


  • Amazing Spider-Man 14-100
  • Batman 357-404

We will let you know one way or another if we're interested or not. If we want to buy them, then you can make an appointment to bring them in if you are local to Freeport town center.

Use the form below to send us the list.

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If you don't send us a list, then unfortunately we won't be able to help you.

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